Frustrated Music for Frustrated People

by We'll Find Later

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released December 13, 2013

Recorded and Mixed by Mad Max
Mastering by Franck Roder



all rights reserved


We'll Find Later Bordeaux, France

3-piece, female drummed band from Bordeaux, France.
We play a punk rock with skanking accents inspired by bands such as Anti Flag, The Flatliners, Dead to me or Choking Victim. Looking for shows anywhere, anytime.
We are the kids of the last chance.
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Track Name: Frustrated Music for Frustrated People
Men sailing forever on the horizon, but never out of sight. Never landing until the watcher turns his eyes in resignation. Men dreaming forever with consternation each and every night on the stage peeling of our skin to the sound of reckognition.

We are the kids of the last chance with a vernacular that no one understands

Unwanted sons and poor lovers, we're making fun of each others
Though we're not much left on the ship, struggle not to sink in the deep

We play insanely loud in non-soundproffed basements so we cannot hear that it's going nowhere, that we can't handle it 'till the day we die. Soon the silence will fill the caves again and we will be cast away, we'll writhe pathetically, we'll write songs about it that we won't ever play
Track Name: Citizens of the Plastic Continent
People of the world, unite! Regardless of where you're from
We managed to spit out our very best scum
We finally joined forces to create something for our hands
Something made of our fieces from consumerism and friends

We are all citizens of the Plastic Continent

It's a very special place, we can have a lot of fun
Everyone's welcomed, it's based on cosmopolitanism
Two millions of square miles wide to enjoy with family
You can bring with kids and wife discover this great country
Track Name: Do as I Say, Not as I Do
So i've heard it's said that i'm supposed to take my turn to play the new bad guy. That's weird 'cause i can't recall you ever had to wear that costume in the play. You're expecting me to keep a low profile but you've got another thing coming. Everyone's got a little secret file filled with dark matter about to be released.

You'd better keep your moral lessons to you. You're just a do as i say, not as i do

Now i'm looking at you from a distance. It's funny to see how far bad faith can lead. Today's knives in the back and hateful glance though you know as you sow so shall you reap. You say we don't match with the music we play, I'll tell you i'd rather make deviations than live in denial that i am the same. Your awareness should be put into question.
Track Name: Hold Your C*ck Tight
Stallions and double-Ds are taking over and we are overwhelmed by a flood of testosterone, it's a cyprine-smelling wave, a tsunami of sperm, it leaks out from the screens and under bedroom doors.
21st century version of "Love Rollercoaster", this one's going fast, so you better hold your cock tight. Threesome on Parkinson there is no more legal age to join the global debauchery, it's barely glossed, even enjoy it en famille. Not sure of which matter the network is made of but one thing's sure this is no textile fiber.

This is our genetically retarded descendant's fossil fuels, this is our legacy. We'll glue rather then write our pages of History.

Simple intercourse to hard intra-thoughts, beating around the bush about oedipian desires. From mouth to anus, soil the soil of Venus.
Track Name: Sunny Hangover
Light beams behind the curtains herald another day. Whisky in the past tense it often used to say "Let's numb the reflection and put anxiety away". Time for retaliation stub past out in the ashtray.

Resilience, reached through an ethylotherapy. Fine in the end, smiling and eventually managing just to think about me.

Keeping each others close doesn't mean weakness

You're nothing but residue at the bottom of my glass. This is long-overdue 'cause "all things must pass". I'm still a bit dizzy, right, my bones are still shivering, but this hangover's sunny

But holding together, awakened and restless

I'm no longer afraid to expect better things from my life. I'm no longer afraid to say never gave me enough.